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The perfect yoga mat for you

Position Lines

We figured you could use some high quality printed position lines to help you with your workouts! Each of these lines have been added to help with your hand, foot, and body placement.

6mm Thick

Not as thick as your queen sized mattress but it offers the perfect combination of comfort and protection for your back during your workout

Support our Environment!

Not only will this versatile product act as your fitness lifeline, it is also made with a recyclable, non-toxic and odor-less material which is harmless to you and good for our enviornment!. 

Ideal Size

Don't worry about picking out a size, because our mat is meant to accommodate every person for all your workout needs!

Let our Reviews Speak For themselves

The product is exactly the same as the description, I've used it and I have to say that I did not slip in any positions unlike with other mats. 

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Pedro C

The parcel arrived during Covid-19. No defects. The mat is excellent. Although not thick, it's very soft, very comfortable, long enough and most importantly does not slip at all. Also comes with a cover. I'm very happy. Definitely recommend. Thank you very much!

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Sergiy K

Lovely mat! Does not slip (legs and hands during classes are stable), it washes well. It's even convenient to do overturned poses. I have been using it for a month for every day, and the mat is still in excellent condition.

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Omer B

Our Guarantee

Here at EvantoMat we will do everything possible to facilitate a smooth transaction, so you receive your EvantoMat as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time, our service team is here for your 24/7. We offer easy return solutions if you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receiving your product!